Ciroc Vodka

Ciroc (or more correctly Cîroc) is a premium vodka that was one of the first grape-based vodkas, and with Puff Daddy as a marketer, the sky’s the limit for the brand.

This French vodka is made not just from grapes, but from “snap frost” grapes, which implies the grapes are picked right after the first frost.

Ciroc Vodka is created from grapes grown in the south of France.  Even more remarkable, the grapes are harvested while they are mostly frozen in the winter. Ciroc Vodka is distilled five times to increase the clarity of flavor, in addition to this unique selection process. This distilling procedure distinguishes them from other vodkas, and it is prominently displayed on each heavyweight bottle they create.

Over the last few years, brand recognition has skyrocketed. Ciroc is available in practically every high-end nightclub and bar in the world. During this time, they’ve expanded into the flavored vodka sector, with over a dozen types available.



The nose is soft and clean, but the palate has a tiny roughness to it. Grape flavors are present, along with a hint of sweetness. In the finish, there’s a slight warming sensation.

With a gentle fruit and minty scent, this wine is incredibly smooth. Straight, rocked, or blended, it’s fantastic.


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