J.P. Wiser’s Deluxe Whisky

With a history dating back to 1857, J.P. Wiser’s is Canada’s oldest continuously produced whiskey. Its award-winning traditional Canadian rye whiskeys are made with a variety of superb grains from the Great Lakes region, but J.P. Wiser’s most enduring legacy is that he aged his whiskey for longer than the industry at the time. Quality, he says, is something that can’t be rushed; whiskey must be allowed to mature.

J.P. Wiser’s Deluxe is a full-bodied Canadian rye whisky that has won numerous awards. You’ll taste oak, toasted grains, and rich toffee, with a smooth and lingering finish, thanks to a rich aroma and a complex yet balanced body.

At first, this whiskey is  clean and sweet, until a persistent bitterness arises from the background. Brown sugar and rye bread flavors predominate, as well as vanilla and toasted oak undertones.



This premium Canadian whisky has a deep golden color and a thick, rich aroma of dried fruits and spring meadows, as well as a hint of mature wood. With an exquisite blend of oak, toasted grains, and rich toffee, the flavor is deep and round. It has a rich, warm, and long-lasting smoothness to it.

Enjoy it straight, on ice, or mixed with your favorite cocktail.


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